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Closer is a card game, but it’s faaaar from the competition we’re so programmed to stretch for nowadays, against each other.

Vela is the new generation of boats: they’re 3D printed (yes—you read that right), built with sustainable materials, light, fast, and overall incredibly incredible.

Set in one of the most iconic buildings in Bucharest, KANÉ resets the table for a whole new standard of contemporary Romanian creativity.

EdPlace empowers parents in helping their child learn by tracking and measuring progress, as well as facilitating encouragement through technology.

HybridBlock is an innovative all-in-one crypto-trading and education platform for leveraging disruptive technologies emerging from the blockchain space.

Let’s face acne, together. Skin Coach is a platform that guides, supports, and empowers fearless confidence and self-acceptance, one happy face at a time.

Miam Miam is a Bucharest takeaway spot. You’d like to see a menu? Why of course: seasonal sandwiches, salads, soups, and sweets. They’re fresh. They’re tasty. They’re the nom you need.
The product that helps people send parcels hassle-free. Roadz helps people who need stuff delivered find the drivers already heading that way.

More details coming soon

More details coming soon

Dollarbird aims to offer the best experience for personal or collaborative finance management. It’s so straightforward, it helps you follow through.

More details coming soon

Mercato Comunale is an urban pop-up market, set in the big, beautiful heart of Bucharest. We’re talking co-working spaces, superstar food-trucks and trending tastemakers, local craft beer producers, farmers markets, art, design, tech, music, sports and everything-nice-in-this-world lovers coming together into one bustling urban happy place.