HybridBlock is an innovative all-in-one crypto-trading and education platform for leveraging disruptive technologies emerging from the blockchain space.

First, coffee. Then, understand what crypto actually means. Then, more coffee. Then, understand it well enough to make it accessible and easy to understand for others, with an engaging visual identity around it.

“This is the ability to adapt to an ever growing and ever-changing environment.”


Blockchain started as a peer to peer network. It was and is all about creating safe transactions and building a trusted community of financial disruptors.

It got real real when we got to the UX/ UI part. It was a lot to take in. But after watching a bunch of competitor screens filled with numbers and stats and stocks that change before we could even say “Huh?”, we finally caught on to how it all works

So we optimized what we learned so others could pick up all this new information waaaay faster than we had and make it stick.

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UI/UX — App Design — Branding — Web Design