Dollarbird aims to offer the best experience for personal or collaborative finance management. It’s so straightforward, it helps you follow through.

The challenge was to create a platform, both in print and digital, that brings people together to share vulnerable, “I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone this before”, nervous-then-relieved personal stories about love, curiosity, joy, pet peeves, guilty pleasures, sad times, and our good ol’ frenemy: failure.

“Dollarbird makes sense for anyone who wants to keep a closer eye on their cash flow for better financial planning purposes.”


Adding each transaction by hand kept users mindful of where their money went. Yet, we wanted to make the process simpler, so they’d stick to the task. That’s why a new AI capability makes educated guesses on the category for every new transaction added. The user can approve or correct the suggestion, and make the AI smarter!

We wanted to take the uncomfortable out of managing your finances. And what could be more familiar than a calendar framework where each transaction could be saved like a meeting you’d add in your calendar?

To empower the user to confidently use Dollarbird across mobile and web platforms, we made sure to keep consistent in the elements and solutions we used. We did that while being respectful to each platform’s guidelines to match user expectations as much as possible.

Visual Identity— UI/UX — iOS & Android Development — Front-end Development — Back-end Development — Deep Learning (NLP)


HybridBlock is an innovative all-in-one crypto-trading and education platform for leveraging disruptive technologies emerging from the blockchain space.