EdPlace empowers parents in helping their child learn by tracking and measuring progress, as well as facilitating encouragement through technology.

Working very closely with our client, we’ve not only created a unified experience across platforms, but we’ve improved the revision experience for both parents and children using this platform. Everything in it supports the core values of EdPlace.

“The quality of ’s work and interaction with our team has been universally excellent.”

— WILL LORD, Head of Product and Technology at EdPlace

The progress dashboard is the core pillar when it comes to understanding the gaps in learning and finding ways for improvement. Besides the automatically assigned activities, this clear display of students’ performance and progress is of great help to them, as well.

Students and parents can quickly find the best matching activities for multiple subjects and key years. The hierarchy of the displayed information for each item is meant to help the decision.

Once the right activity is found, it can be started right away or assigned for later.

We’ve redesigned the UI of the web app to match the new mobile apps’ look and feel. While the layout mostly remained the same, we’ve created some new pages for presentation purposes.

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UI/UX — iOS & Android Development


Closer, the game where you win each other. Closer is a card game, but it’s faaaar from the competition we’re so programmed to stretch for nowadays, against each other. This is a game that’s played with and for each other.