Bringing AI powered Night Mode to 750M iPhones. NeuralCam is the night photo camera app that makes it possible for every iPhone to take beautiful pictures in the dark or in low light settings.

We made this possible by using the latest technologies based on AI and computational photography. When taking a photo, NeuralCam captures multiple frames. These are merged together in a smart way to obtain a higher-quality image. Furthermore, its machine-learning algorithm brightens up different regions of the image at a different level to make it look more natural. As the last step, noise reduction, sharpening, and other image processing filters are applied to improve the look of the final image.

“NeuralCam is by far the best iPhone camera app for night photography.”


Taking a selfie during the night is always a challenge. Making it look good it’s even harder.

We knew that using flash is not an option: flashlight selfies are burnt out and showing your worse side. We experimented and tried until we found the best light source available: Your own phone screen. Just a bit of white on the top and bottom of the screen gives enough light to brighten your face but don’t burn the photo!

NeuralCam is about taking amazing photos at night in the seamless way possible. We’ve designed it to be minimalistic, carefully placing the elements and buttons to be within reach and visible, but at the same time out of the way.

NeuralCam supports all models from iPhone 6 and up, running iOS 12. It supports both front and back cameras, including the ultra-wide angle camera of the iPhone 11, with the exception of front cameras for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

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UI/UX — iOS Development — Machine Learning


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